GIve Your Inner Prima the Edge


Mitocore helps with muscle recovery and stamina.

Cognitive Balance

Cognitive Balance is a multivitamin for your brain. It contains B vitamins and amino acids that help you focus and concentrate.

L-Thianine 200mg

This amino acid that helps keep you calm and focused.

A New Line of Supplements for PrimaFriends


Project Prima’s mission is helping you find what works for you as a uniquely talented individual. Your mind and body are different from anyone else’s. Fueling your drive and performance, day in and day out, is your job and responsibility alone.

Joy Womack learned this the hard way over a period of 8 years. Now she’s using¬†Project Prima sourced supplements to maintain herself and those close to her. She has been taking a combination of these exact vitamins morning and night. Find what works for you. Achieve what you dream. Break Barriers.